Guru Pushya Nakshatra: An Extremely Auspicious Occasion on February 22, 2024


Is Pushya Nakshatra lucky?

Guru Pushya Nakshatra: An Extremely Auspicious Occasion on February 22, 2024

Pushya Nakshatra, in Vedic astrology, is considered the king of all nakshatras. On Thursday, February 22, 2024, the Guru Pushya Nakshatra yoga will be formed, making it an extremely auspicious and fruitful day. Any tasks undertaken on this day have a high probability of success and prosperity.

Auspicious Muhurat:

  • Guru Pushya Nakshatra: February 22, 2024, Thursday

  • Start: 06:54 AM

  • End: 04:43 PM

Special Significance:

  • Combination of Sarvartha Siddhi, Amrit Siddhi, Ravi Yoga, Saubhagya, and Shobhan Yoga: This is an extremely rare combination that ensures success and auspiciousness in all endeavors.

  • Wealth and Prosperity: Pushya Nakshatra is associated with the Moon, which is the karaka (significator) of wealth. Investments, transactions, and purchases made on this day will be highly beneficial.

  • Long-lasting Benefits: Objects purchased during this nakshatra are said to bring long-lasting benefits.

  • Commencement of Auspicious Activities: Initiating mantra diksha, performing yagna rituals, pursuing higher education, acquiring spiritual knowledge, buying or selling land, and starting Vedic studies are considered highly auspicious on this day.

Things to do during Guru Pushya Nakshatra:

  • Install Parad Lakshmi: This brings prosperity and abundance to the home.

  • Purchase items related to Guru Brihaspati: Brass utensils, yellow clothes, gold jewelry, etc.

  • Buy a new vehicle, house, or other property: Items purchased on this day will be beneficial for a long time.

  • Commence auspicious activities: Starting education, business, or other important tasks on this day will be extremely auspicious.

Guru Pushya Nakshatra is an extremely auspicious occasion that has the potential to bring success and prosperity into your life. The results of any tasks undertaken on this day will be fruitful.

Please note:

  • This nakshatra is not considered suitable for marriage.

  • It is advisable to consult an astrologer before undertaking any auspicious activities.

  • You can donate to charity on this day.

  • Helping the poor and needy will bring you punya (merit).

  • Visit a temple and offer prayers to the deities on this day.

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