Hariyali Teej: Do these 5 easy remedies on Hariyali Teej, love will increase in relationships


teej, hariyali teej

If husband and wife quarrel, do these actions:

If there is more fight and quarrel between husband and wife, then on the day of Hariyali Teej both husband and wife should anoint mother Parvati with milk on Hariyali Teej. Put some saffron in the milk.

Remedy to get love in the house of in-laws:

If a woman does not get love from her in-laws, then after worshipping Hariyali Teej, give them a Suhag plate while touching the feet of the mother-in-law. After that ask your mother-in-law for one of the things kept in a Suhag plate. After that, offer these things to Goddess Parvati.

Worship Shiva Parvati:

To maintain the love between husband and wife, husband and wife should worship Shiva Parvati together at the time of morning worship on Hariyali Teej. After that, they offer red flowers to the Lord. In this way, the love between husband and wife will be maintained.


If there is more tension between husband and wife, then on that day offer kheer to mother Parvati and after that husband and wife eat that kheer together.

Remedy for getting baby:

If someone is facing problems in conceiving a baby, then on the day of Hariyali Teej, feed poor girls and give them Dakshina. You will benefit by doing this.

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