Hariyali Teej: These are the sixteen makeup of women, without which this teej festival is incomplete

 Hariyali Teej: These are the sixteen makeup of women, without which this  teej festival is incomplete

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The day Hariyali Teej is a special day for women. On this day, Indian women fast for the longevity of their husbands and adorn themselves with sixteen makeups on this day.

Sixteen makeup things are special for women. Today we want to know more about these sixteen adornments of women.


Flower works to please the mind of women. It has an important place in 16 makeup. Women wear it in their hair in the form of gajra.

Bindi or Tika:

Married women have to wear tika or bindi. It also works to add four moons to the beauty of women.


Sindoor is very special for every married woman. Without it, the makeup is incomplete. Sindoor is the biggest sign that you are married.

Mangal Sutra:

The second most important sign of being married is Mangal Sutra. It keeps women away from negativity and increases their immunity properly.

Kundal Earrings:

Kundal works to remove mental tension. Kundal or earrings also reduce headaches.

Swarna Tika:

Swarna Tika on the forehead is also considered very important. Swarna Tika also improves the nervous system of women.

Bracelets or bangles:

It dispels fatigue in women. By wearing a bracelet in the hands, the circulation of blood in the body is also made properly.

Bangle [bayuband]:

has a positive effect on beauty. Along with this, it gives proper blood circulation in the arms and also gives relief from pain.

Waist band:

The waist band worn around the waist protects women from stomach diseases.


Enhances the beauty of the feet. The melodious voice of Cham-Cham captivates the mind of everyone.


Bichiya is a worn on the toes of your feet. This is also an very important sign that a woman is married. It is used to strengthen the muscles.

Nose ring:

A nose ring worn in the nose creates a different kind of sharpness in women. Its peculiarity increases the pain tolerance of women.


Wearing a ring ensures good blood circulation in the body. At the same time it also keeps away the inertia.


Women are very fond of applying mehndi. The women start applying mehndi a few days before this feast. The application of henna keeps a woman's body cool.

Kajal or Surma:

Kajal or Surma plays an important role in making the face glow. It not only improves the vision of women but also protects them from eye diseases.

Beauty on the face:

In today's language, it can be called as makeup. The beauty of the face strengthens the self-confidence of women. At the same time circulates the energy in the body.

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