Hariyali Teej: These are the sixteen makeup of women, without which this teej festival is incomplete

 Hariyali Teej: These are the sixteen makeup of women, without which this  teej festival is incomplete

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The day of Hariyali Teej is special for women. On this day Indian women observe a fast for the longevity of their husbands and they adorn themselves with sixteen makeups on this day. 

Sixteen makeups are special for women. Let us know about these sixteen adornments of women today. 


The flower works to please the mind of women. It has a main place in 16 makeup. Women wear them in their hair in the form of Gajra.

Bindi or Tika 

Married women must wear Tika or Bindi. It works to add four moons to the beauty of women. 


Sindoor is very special for every married woman. Without it the makeup is incomplete. Sindoor is the biggest sign of being married. 

Mangal Sutra 

The second biggest sign of being married is the Mangal Sutra. It keeps women away from negativity and increases their immunity. 


Kundal works to remove the mental tension . Kundal or earrings also reduce headaches. 

Swarna Tika

Swarn tika on the forehead is also considered very important. Swarna Tika improves the nervous system of women. 

Bracelets or bangles 

It removes the fatigue of women. By wearing a bracelet in the hands, the circulation of blood in the body is also done properly.

Armlet [Bajuband]

works to enhance beauty. Along with this, there is proper flow of blood in the arms and also gives relief from pain. 


The waistband worn around the waist protects women from stomach related diseases.


Works to enhance the beauty of the feet. The melodious voice of Cham-Cham captivates everyone's mind.  


Bichiya is worn on the toes of the feet. This is also an important sign of a woman being married. It works to strengthen the muscles. 

Nose Ring  

Nose ring  worn in the nose produces a different kind of sharpness in women. Its specialty increases the pain tolerance of women. 


By wearing a ring, there is proper circulation of blood in the body. At the same time, it also keeps laziness away.. 


Women are very fond of applying Mehndi. Women start applying mehndi a few days before this festival. By applying henna, the body of a woman remains cool. 

Kajal or Surma 

Kajal or Surma has an important place in increasing the glow of the face. Along with increasing the eyesight of women, they also protect them from eye diseases. 

Facial beauty

In today's language you can call it makeup. Facial beauty enhances the confidence of women. At the same time, there is a circulation of energy in the body.

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