How to attract customer on your shop

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 Do following remedies for increasing sales  for your business - 

  1. You should worship Maa Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu every Friday to increase the sales of the shop.
  2. Make roti by mixing flour and jaggery and feed it to the cow on Thursday.
  3. Tie 5 cowries, saffron and silver coin in a yellow cloth and keep it in your safe.
  4. Regularly feed bread to crow, dog and cow 
  5. Always keep dustbin in the south-west corner in the shop 
  6. For blessings, you should  install Kuber or Shree Yantra in your shop
  7. Whenever a needy person comes, do not despise, try to help them.
  8.  Make a swastika outside the shop and   hang  mango leaves (Toran ) in the main doors , keep changing the old toran. 
  9. Before going to the shop on Monday, see  your face in the mirror.
  10. On Tuesday, before going to the shop, eat small  jaggery 
  11. On Wednesday, chew whole coriander and go to the shop
  12. On Thursday. Chew a little cumin before going to the shop
  13.  Eat curd-sugar on Friday then  go to the shop 
  14. On Saturday, eat ginger or urad dal then go for shop 
  15. Eat ghee or dalia  on Sunday then  go to the shop

Above remedy will attract customer 100%

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