Ways to get money by offering betel leaf in Navratri


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Ways to get money by offering betel leaf in Navratri

Navratri literally means nine nights. Different forms of Mata Rani are worshiped for nine days. Each form of Maa Durga has a different significance and the nine forms means power and strength.

During the 9 days of Navratri, where we worship different goddesses every day, there is also a practice of totka-remedy  in many places.

People do such tricks because they can get rid of all the problems related to the life, family or any person.

In Navratri, worship is done to attain spiritual powers. In the same way, to get happiness and prosperity in life, there are also beliefs of people doing tricks.

Special wishes can be fulfilled with the betel leaf in the worship of the Goddess.

It is believed that if tricks are done during Navratri, then the problem ends as soon as possible.

Betel leaf is considered a symbol of prosperity and happiness. When you know the right use of betel leaf, then there is a possibility of getting money. 

Betel leaf is used in almost every worship and with this you can do many miraculous experiments in Navratri.

 Every day during Navratri, perform aarti of Mata Lakshmi with camphor, after that put rose petals on a betel leaf and offer it to Mata Lakshmi.

  Do this every evening during Navratri and after Navratri keep doing this remedy on every full moon night, if you keep doing this remedy continuously then you will have continuous wealth.

Keep the smooth side down, put rose petals on the top of the rough side of the betel leaf and offer it to Goddess Lakshmi.

In doing so the usual constraints of money will not bother you.

If you want to succeed in any exam or win in a trial, then use a betel leaf this way in Navratri-

 Light a one faced ghee lamp at your place of worship and place a betel leaf slightly above the ghee lamp.


This will lighten the betel leaf and black spots will be on the betel leaf called Lampblack.

You  should apply this Lampblack on your neck. Whether it is a matter of litigation or competitive examination, you will get success in it.

 This remedy is very good during Navratri, but apart from Navratri, on the day you have an exam or a case, you want to win. On that day in the morning you can do this remedy by lighting a lamp at your place of worship.

 By using this experiment, you will definitely get victory in your work.

 To use betel leaves for worship, keep these things in mind -

The betel leaf should be complete i.e. it should be a whole betel leaf and the stem should be attached to it.

 Betel leaf should not be rotten, cut or torn from anywhere.

Must be pure betel leaf with stem

 You have to use green betel leaves for worship and for specific purposes.

By using such betel leaves, your worship will be successful.


Q: Can betel leaf remedy be used during Navratri?

A: Yes, betel leaf remedy can be used during Navratri. Betel leaves are considered auspicious in many Hindu traditions, including Navratri, and are used in various rituals and offerings.

Q: What are some common betel leaf remedies used during Navratri?

A: Betel leaves are used in various ways during Navratri, such as offering them to deities, using them in rituals, and consuming them for their health benefits. Some common remedies include making a betel leaf paste with turmeric and applying it on the face for a glowing complexion, chewing betel leaves with cardamom for fresh breath, or using betel leaf tea to soothe digestive issues.

Q: Can betel leaf remedy be consumed during Navratri fasts?

A: It depends on the specific fasting rules and traditions followed during Navratri. Some people may avoid consuming any food or drinks during the fast, while others may consume certain foods and drinks that are considered "vrat-friendly". It is important to follow the specific guidelines and traditions of the fast being observed.

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