When is Chaiti Chhath 2023? Know the date of offering Nahay Khay, Kharna and Surya arghya , know the exact time of Paran

๐Ÿ‘‡When is Chaiti Chhath 2023? Know the date of offering Nahay Khay, Kharna and Surya aragh , know the exact time of Paran

Mainly it is considered to be the festival of Bihar. Chhath, the great festival of nature worship and folk faith, is famous all over the country.

The great Chhath festival is celebrated twice a year.1 in the month of Kartik and the other in the month of Chaitra.๐Ÿ‘‡

The great Chhath festival is celebrated twice a year

According to Panchang, it is celebrated on Shashti Tithi in the month of Chaitra Shuklapaksha. It is a grand four-day festival that begins with a bath and a meal on the first day.

In this way, the great festival of faith is celebrated twice in the Chhath year.

This festival lasts for four whole days.  Women maintain a long fast of about 36 hours, so this fasting is considered very difficult..

Due to continuous worship and fasting for four days, it is called Mahaparva.

Let us know about the importance of Chaitra or Chaiti Chhath Puja, rules of fasting and Paran Tithi.


Importance of Chaitra Chhath๐Ÿ‘‡

According to the scriptures, the sixth mother is the spiritual sister of Lord Surya.

That's why there is a law to worship Chhathi Maiya and Suryadev during the fast of Chhath.

This fast is observed by women for the long life of their children.

According to the belief, Chhathi Maiya protects the children and maintains happiness and peace in the family.

Those who celebrate this festival with complete rules and devotion, they also get the desired boon.

Health is attained by worshiping the Sun God. In Chhath Puja there is a law of worshiping Lord Surya Dev.

If someone is afflicted with an incurable disease by observing this fast, then he gets rid of it too.

On the day of Sandhya Arghya, On this day, Arghya is dedicated to the setting sun.

On the other hand, Arghya is offered to the rising sun the next day. Whatever is told about this festival is less.

Chaiti Chhath Puja Date๐Ÿ‘‡

In the year 2023, the festival of Chaiti Chhath will be celebrated between March 25 and March 28.

The morning Arghya and Paran of Chaiti Chhath 2023 will be held on March 28.

Bathing and eating๐Ÿ‘‡

The festival of Chhath will start from 25 March 2023, the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha. Bathing and eating will be done on this day.

Cleanliness is taken care of a lot in this fast. On the first day of Nahay Khay,

The whole house is cleaned and on the day of Nahay Khay, a vow of fasting is taken, gram dal, lauki (bottle guard)ki sabji, and rice are eaten.

In this fast, the consumption of garlic, onion, non-vegetarian etc. is stopped from the first day of taking bath and the fast starts from Kharna the next day.


Lohanda or Kharna will be done on Sunday, March 26, 2023, on Panchami Tithi.

On this day, women keep a fast for the whole day and in the evening, making a prasad of kheer with jaggery on a clay stove,

This prasad is eaten after worshiping the Sun God, after which the fast is celebrated after the conclusion of Chhath.

Shashti Tithi๐Ÿ‘‡

March 27, 2023 is Monday's Shashthi Tithi. Arghya is offered to the setting sun on this day.

In the evening, women stand in the river or pond and offer Arghya to the Sun.

Chaiti Chhath Mahaparv date๐Ÿ‘‡

Chaiti Chhath Mahaparva will conclude on Saptami Tithi on Tuesday 28th March 2023. On this day, before sunrise, women reach rivers or ponds and step into the water to pray to the sun god.

After this Arghya is offered to the rising Sun God.

At the end of the puja, the fast is celebrated. And the prasad is distributed among all the relatives .

Happy chhath pooja


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