Navratri Special: Do this remedy of coconut in Navratri


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Do this remedy of coconut in Navratri

Coconut fruit is used in every worship for prosperity. Coconut is also considered as the form of Goddess Lakshmi, that's why it is also called Shreefal. Shree means Lakshmi, prosperity and affluence. The fruit which gives you prosperity and affluence is Shreefal.

 There is a special use of coconut in the worship of the goddess, whether it is a small worship of the goddess or a big one, coconut is definitely used in it.

The form of coconut is like a human skull, so it is used as a symbol of Bali, it is also a symbolic sacrifice.

 Coconut are used in worship in different ways.

By using it in different ways, wishes are fulfilled in different ways. Normally brown coconut is of brown colour and raw coconut is of green colour, but the coconut we are talking about, which we will use in worship, will be of brownish colour.

 There should be both kernel and water inside it. If you are going to break coconut in front of the goddess or have any special use of coconut, then first remove its coir(threads ).

 When a coconut is placed on the Kalash, it is kept along with the coir(threads ), but the threads should be removed to use them for break or for special use. It is necessary that its threads be removed before break . After you try to break it.

If you don't blessed with child, what measures should be taken in Navratri

 Husband and wife together should offer coconut to the goddess on any night of Navratri to get a child. The coconut should not be matted. You should remove the matted hair(threads) and tie a raksha sutra on the coconut and keep the coconut in a yellow chunri and offer it to the goddess together on any Navratri night.

After offering, pray for having a child and this coconut will be kept in the same yellow chunri in front of the goddess throughout the Navratri. After Navratri, tie it in a yellow chunri and keep it in your bedroom where husband and wife sleeps. 

 After a year,  you should keep pouring water on that yellow chunri in which coconut is covered,  if the child is born soon or the yog of the child has started, then also you should definitely keep this coconut in your bedroom for the whole year.

After a year, make it flow with running water i.e throw in river. if the child is born f or the yoga of the child has started, even then keep this coconut in your bedroom for the whole year. After one year make it flow with running water. If if you are not getting result repeat this in next Navratri.

What to do to avoid the hindrance of Tantra Mantra -

 There are many people who wrongly use tantra mantras on someone in enmity and this leads to all kinds of problems.

 If you want to cut it, then take a dry coconut. It is also called garigola or coconut kernel.

Cut this coconut a little and take it out like a cover and fill it with sugar and put the same coconut which was cut from the top and take it straight and dig a pit under a tree and press it. Keep in mind, keep it absolutely straight.

As the ants keep eating this coconut inside the ground, your negative energy will go away. Unknown disease of your body, unknown problem of your life will be removed.

 Almost within 1 month of doing this remedy, you will get rid of negative energy.

What is the right way when you break coconut to solve your problem

Before breaking, take coconut in both the hands and pray to the goddess that whatever your problem is, whether it is money, career or litigation, it should be resolved.

Take the coconut in both the hands and pray and then break it in one go by hitting it.

Take the coconut in your right hand and rotate it three times above you and after rotating it, break it by hitting it in one go and after breaking it, pray for the fulfilment of your prayer.

 But there is a law to break the coconut in one go and same should be done.

If you are stuck in a big obstacle and you are unable to get rid of the obstacle, then bring a coconut and remove the threads from that coconut.

After taking bath, rotate this coconut three times over the head and smash it in front of the goddess, your wish will definitely be fulfilled. You can break coconut whether you are a woman or a man in front of the goddess to fulfil your wish .

Take a coconut during Navratri and tie it with Raksha Sutra which is also known as Kalava from all sides and offer it at the feet of the Goddess.

 Let it remain there for the whole Navratri. After the Navratri is over, you should accept it as Prasad since this coconut gets energized by mantra chanting that you chant daily during navratri , perform aarti, read Chalisa etc. Especially the kernel inside the coconut and the water inside the coconut gets blessed.

After Navratri is over, when you break it and take it in the form of Prasad, it benefits you a lot, the body becomes healthy and all diseases, ailments and worries definitely go away.

How to avoid bad planetary condition

Take a coconut on any night during Navratri, in which the hair should be removed. Keeping it on your lap, sit in front of the Goddess and after that chant a special mantra at least one rosary 108 times or three rosaries.

The mantra is:  

“Shanti Karmani Swapna Darshane Grah Pidaasu Chograsu Maahaatmyam Srinu Yaanmam ” शान्तिकर्मणि सर्वत्र तथा दु:स्वप्नदर्शने , ग्रहपीडासु चोग्रासु माहात्म्यं श्रृणुयान्मम ॥

Chant this one garland or three garlands, after that pray to the Goddess for planetary peace that my Shani is bad, my Mars is in bad condition, I am facing problems because of my Rahu, pray for planetary peace and then leave the coconut in the same place. 

 Next day early in the morning, go and let this coconut flow in the flowing water or river . If you do this remedy by waking up one night during Navratri, then you will definitely get rid of the bad planetary conditions .


Q: What is Navratri? 
A: Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated over nine days to honor the divine feminine or Goddess Durga.

Q: What is the significance of coconut in Navratri?
 A: Coconut is considered a sacred fruit in Hinduism and is used in various religious rituals. During Navratri, coconut is used as an offering to Goddess Durga as it is believed to be a symbol of purity, selflessness, and devotion.

Q: How is coconut used in Navratri? 
A: Coconut is used in various forms during Navratri, such as coconut water, coconut meat, and coconut oil. It is offered to the deity in the form of prasad or bhog, which is then distributed among devotees. Coconut is also used in various sweets and dishes prepared during Navratri.

Q: What are the benefits of using coconut during Navratri? 
A: Coconut is a nutritious fruit that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is considered to have purifying and cleansing properties and is believed to help in removing negativity and obstacles from one's life. Coconut is also believed to enhance one's spiritual well-being and bring peace and prosperity.

Q: Are there any precautions to be taken while using coconut during Navratri? 
A: While using coconut during Navratri, it is important to ensure that it is fresh and free from any signs of spoilage. It is also recommended to avoid consuming too much coconut, especially if one has a history of allergies or digestive issues. Additionally, it is important to ensure that coconut is sourced ethically and sustainably.

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