Vastu Tips: Do not keep these things in purse, otherwise money will always remain tight


Vastu Suggestions: Both men and women should make use of a purse.

While purses are commonly used to store money and essential items, some individuals tend to overfill their purses with unnecessary belongings. It occasionally occurs that knowingly or unknowingly, they also include items in their purse that are not required

Simultaneously, certain items are deemed inauspicious to be carried within a purse, as their presence can significantly impact one's life. 

Growth comes to a halt and one must confront financial limitations. Moreover, individuals may encounter various challenges and hardships in their lives as well. If you find yourself in such circumstances, it is advised to promptly remove any such items from your purse. Please enlighten us about the items that are widely regarded as highly inauspicious to be kept within one's purse.

Many times you may have observed that some individuals have a habit of retaining their shopping receipts in their purse for an extended period, which is not advisable. This practice may displease Goddess Lakshmi, leading to a scarcity of money in your household.

Furthermore, storing currency notes in a disorganized manner within the purse is not considered auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. It is advisable to arrange the notes properly when placing them in the purse.

It is strongly advised against keeping pictures in your purse that evoke feelings of anger, jealousy, or opposition. Similarly, refrain from bringing pictures into your home that generate negative energy According to Vastu Shastra, it is advised not to keep a photograph of a deceased family member in your purse. It is believed that by doing this a person becomes a debtor.

Never keep a picture of a deity in your purse, as the purse is carried everywhere with you.

Occasionally, someone with unclean hands may come into contact with your purse. It is believed that such an occurrence angers Goddess Lakshmi, potentially leading to various financial difficulties and the burden of debt.

It is essential to be particularly cautious and ensure that your purse remains intact without any tears. According to Vastu Shastra, a torn purse can also have an impact on your financial well-being

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