Keep these 3 things in the purse, the purse will always be full of Money

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Often there are ups and downs of money in life, some people keep 500 rupees in their purse in the morning and by evening it becomes 5000/10000, while some people keep 5000 in the purse in the morning but 500 rupees are left by the end of evening. So if money doesn't last in your purse then keep these 3 things in your purse so that purse is always full of money. 

 I am going to tell such an effective remedy, after doing which the purse will be full of money , the heart will be happy, there will be happiness in the house and life will be enjoy full: 

Purse will be in contact with our body.  And in such a situation, keeping some special thing in the purse will  increase Lakshmi by making the body full of energy.

Please do following remedy your purse will be full of Money-

There are many slots in your purse, in one of them, wrap a little fennel, two cardamom and a small piece of Bhim Seni camphor in a green cotton or silk cloth or a small rectangular piece of green paper.

And on Friday, keep it in the purse within 12 minutes of sunrise, do not keep anything else in the groove of the purse in which you will keep this thing.

Please note , Money is not wasted when  fennel is  in contact with the body and even  there is no need to borrow money in life.

These 2 cardamoms keep the balance of Lakshmi of the house and Lakshmi who lives / walks with you.

Bhim Seni Kapoor is pure camphor. When these things come in contact with the body, then the Mooladhara chakra of the body is awakened, the mooladhara chakra is the earth element which attracts Lakshmi and increases wealth.

 This remedy has to be done with faith, by this remedy the purse will be full of money and If there is a loan, that too gets repaid.  

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