Geeta Updesh: To get success in life, keep these 5 things of Gita in mind


Geeta Updesh: To get success in life, keep these 5 things of Gita in mind

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Lord Shri Krishna preached Gita to the world by making Arjuna a medium. In the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna taught the Gita to Arjuna when his feet began to waver on the battlefield. Listening to the teachings of the Gita, Arjuna proceeded towards fulfilling his goal. It is said that in the Gita, the solution to every problem of life is found. Gita gives inspiration to work and keep moving forward in life. In such a situation, to get a solution to any problem and get success in life, some points  of the Gita should be kept in mind. It is believed that whoever follows these 5 things of Gita in life can achieve victory in everything.

Self Assessment

No one can know a person better than himself. That's why self-assessment is very important. According to the Gita, whoever knows his merits and shortcomings, he can achieve success in every work by forming his personality.

Control of the mind

It is said that sometimes our mind becomes the cause of our sorrows. According to the Gita, a person who has control over his mind stays away from unnecessary worries and desires arising in the mind. At the same time, a person can easily achieve his goal.

Control of anger

 In anger, any person loses control over himself and also commits wrong actions under the impulse. Sometimes an angry person harms himself. Therefore, anger should not be allowed to dominate itself. Shri Krishna has told in the Gita that if you get angry, try to keep yourself calm.

Believe on Karma Do not pay attention on result

Leave the  desire for the fruit and concentrate on the action, because the kind of action a man does, he also gets the fruit accordingly. 

Clear Vision

According to the Gita, one should not remain in a state of doubt. Those who live in a state of doubt cannot do well. One should have a clear outlook in life. 

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