What is the relationship between the peepal tree and the Saturn planet?

peepal tree , Saturn planet?


What is the relationship between the peepal tree and the Saturn planet?

To overcome obstacles related to Saturn and find relief, we worship the peepal tree. People plant peepal saplings and resort to various remedies and practices.

Today we will understand the relationship between peepal and Saturn. But first, let's understand the significance of the peepal tree.

The peepal tree is considered the most sacred in Hinduism. Primarily, peepal is considered the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that gods and goddesses reside in its leaves and branches. 

It is said that Brahma resides in its roots, Vishnu in the middle, and Shiva at the top. All other deities are believed to reside in its branches, leaves, and fruits. Such is the importance of this tree in nature and spirituality that Lord Krishna himself says in the Bhagavad Gita, 'Among trees, I am the peepal.' The peepal tree is also a significant supplier of oxygen. Its qualities are quite similar to Saturn.

Peepal is considered the favorite tree of Lord Shani. It was Peepalad Muni who punished Lord Shani. Since then, it is believed that worshiping the peepal tree can pacify the troubles caused by Saturn.

Worshiping the peepal tree in any form brings the grace of Saturn. You can plant peepal saplings, water the peepal tree, and light lamps near it. In essence, staying in touch with the peepal and taking care of it helps alleviate Saturn-related issues from your life.


If there is a possibility of a short lifespan in your horoscope, what should you do?

There are many practices associated with the peepal tree that can be done, and by doing so, the bad yoga/karma ends. If there is a combination of illness and a short lifespan, that too will be eliminated.

If there are problems with progeny or no offspring is being conceived .It is advised to plant a peepal sapling. Worshiping the peepal tree is also recommended.

If you plant a peepal sapling and take care of it, the negative effects of Saturn's period do not affect you. Hence, when Saturn is troublesome, it is said to plant a peepal sapling, water it, and protect it.

Without Saturn's grace, obtaining offspring is not possible. The action of Saturn and the reaction of Jupiter facilitate the acquisition of offspring. If there are obstacles or Saturn is causing trouble, there will be difficulties in obtaining offspring. What will you do?

Plant a peepal sapling on a Saturday; it will be very beneficial. Water it and protect it so that the peepal sapling does not dry up. Perform Saturn mantra chanting near the peepal tree every Saturday. If you do this regularly, you will surely find it easier to conceive.

If both husband and wife plant a peepal sapling, water it, and chant Saturn mantra near the tree, then conceiving a child becomes much easier.

Sometimes Saturn's mahadasha, antardasha, or Sade Sati operates in such a way that due to Saturn, there is suffering in life. 

What will you do if you are experiencing Saturn's trouble?

On Saturday evenings, light a lamp with mustard oil under the peepal tree. After that, circumambulate the tree nine times and chant 'Om Sham Shanaischaraya Namah.' If you continue this practice for a long time, the pain caused by Saturn will be alleviated.

If you want regular income, what will you do?

Go near the peepal tree on Saturday and pick up a leaf that has fallen but not plucked, clean it, and apply fragrance on it. Apply any fragrance, sandalwood or rose, on it. After applying the fragrance, keep the leaf in your wallet without folding it. This leaf will enhance the influence of Saturn, and regular income will start coming to you.

Remove the old leaf every month and replace it with a new leaf after applying fragrance. If you do this regularly, obtaining regular income will be easier for you."

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