Lord Hanuman: The Remover of All Troubles


Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman: The Remover of All Troubles

According to Sanatan Dharma, Hanumanji is the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva, the awakened and most worshipped deity of Kali Yuga. Devotion to Hanumanji brings mental peace, strength, and support to the individual. His devotion removes doubts and fears from the devotee's mind and ends all sufferings of life. His devotion leads to spiritual advancement and an increase in virtues in the individual.

For liberation from problems

Hanumanji is very fond of Rama's name. Hanumanji is pleased very quickly by worshiping Lord Rama. Write Rama's name on a peepal leaf with jasmine oil and vermillion and offer it. Doing this will give you freedom from all problems. In addition, make a garland by writing Rama's name on 11 peepal leaves with sandalwood or roli and offer it to Hanumanji.

To avoid court-kachehri or other sufferings

In the scriptures, Tuesday and Saturday are considered auspicious days to offer chola to Hanumanji. Offering chola to Bajrangbali gives freedom from Saturn's Sade Sati and Dhaiya. The devotees who offer chola to Hanumanji with due process are not troubled by ghosts, vampires, Saturn and planetary obstacles, diseases, grief, court-kachehri disputes, accidents or debt, anxiety etc.

For fulfillment of desires

On Tuesday, one should light a lamp of mustard oil, desi ghee or jasmine oil in front of Hanumanji and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman Chalisa describes Hanumanji as the giver of asht siddhi and navnidhi. The devotees who regularly recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday. Hanumanji fulfills all their desires, even if it is a desire for money. If you  face a financial crisis, start reading Hanuman Chalisa by focusing on Hanumanji in your mind.

For financial gain

Offering red, pink or yellow flowers like rose, hibiscus, lotus, marigold, kaner or sunflower to Hanumanji on Tuesday will give you all happiness and prosperity. Similarly, offering a garland of basil to Hanumanji on this day will give the person financial gain.

To fix bad things

If your work is getting spoiled or you are not getting success even after working hard, then on Tuesday go to a Hanuman temple and offer prasad of gud-chana and distribute it to the devotees in the temple itself and consume the remaining prasad yourself and your family. In this way, by offering prasad of gud-chana continuously, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

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