Holi : Try These Remedies on Holika Dahan Night

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 Holi : Try These Remedies on Holika Dahan  Night

What are the offerings of Holi Dahan?

Many remedies are tried during Holi. Here we are giving a list of some simple remedies together. Hopefully, these will help you.

  • Burning body's ubtan (scrub) in Holika fire removes negative energies.
  •  Removing the nazar (evil eye) from the house, shop, and workplace and burning it in Holika fire is beneficial.
  • Reciting the Narasimha Stotra to get rid of fear and debt is beneficial.

  • Burning a coconut in the burning fire after Holika Dahan removes obstacles to getting a job.

  • If you are constantly troubled by illness, then sprinkling the ash left after Holika Dahan on the patient's sleeping place is beneficial.

  • To achieve success, present coconut, betel leaf, and betel nut at the Holi bonfire site.

  • To get rid of household problems and for peace and happiness,Offer barley and flour in the fire of Holika

  • Tie the ash taken on the second day after Holika Dahan in a red handkerchief and keep it in the place of money to stop unnecessary expenses.

  • For early marriage, offer a whole betel nut and a turmeric knot on a paan leaf on Shivling on the day of Holi and come home without turning back. Repeat the same experiment the next day.

  • To protect yourself from the evil eye, mix barley, mustard, and kush in cow dung and make a small ubala (cake) and hang it on the main door of the house.

  • Chanting the mantra "Om Namo Dhanadaya Swaha" on Holi night increases wealth.

  • Offering 21 Gomti Chakras on Shivling on Holika Dahan night benefits business.

  •  To get back the borrowed money, write the name of the person on a piece of wood from the pomegranate tree at the Holika Dahan site and offer green gulal in the name of Holika Mata, requesting her to return your money.

  • Offering Gomti Chakras, cowries, and batashas (sugar candy) in the burning Holika after taking them off yourself(rotating from yourself) also destroys all obstacles in life.

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