Kartik Purnima: What should we not do on Kartik Purnima?

Kartik Purnima Dos and Don'ts


Unlocking the Blessings: Kartik Purnima Dos and Don'ts

What should we not do on Kartik Purnima?

In the realm of Hindu traditions, Kartik Purnima holds profound significance, believed to be a day dedicated to charitable acts, ritualistic bathing, and offering reverence to the Sun God. Celebrated during the bright half of the Kartik month, this day is particularly special, marking the alleged triumph of Lord Shiva over the demon Tripurasura, hence earning the name Tripura Purnima. This festival goes by various names across the country, such as Tripura Purnima, Ganga Snan, and Dev Deepawali.

The Power of Kartik Purnima Bath in the Ganges

Taking a dip in the Ganges on Kartik Purnima fulfills one's deepest desires. The river, considered sacred, becomes a conduit for spiritual cleansing on this auspicious day.

Activities to Avoid on Kartik Purnima

Avoid Sleeping Late:

Refrain from staying awake until late hours on Kartik Purnima.

Tulsi Worship Significance:

Recognize the importance of Tulsi worship on this day and abstain from plucking its leaves.

Say No to Bitter Vegetables:

Skip bitter vegetables like bitter gourd, eggplant, and leafy greens on Kartik Purnima.

Harmony at Home:

Maintain a harmonious atmosphere at home, avoiding conflicts and disputes.

Using  Salt:

Avoid intake of  salt on Kartik Purnima 

Vegetarian Diet:

Abstain from consuming non-vegetarian meals on this sacred day.

Avoid Intoxicants:

Steer clear of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances.

Maintain Cleanliness:

Keep your home impeccably clean, ensuring there's no clutter.

Cultivate Positivity:

Let go of any feelings of animosity towards others on Kartik Purnima.

Auspicious Activities for Kartik Purnima

Thorough House Cleaning:

Cleanse your home thoroughly, inviting the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, to grace your abode.

Adorn Your Home with Flower Garlands:

Decorate your home with flower garlands on Kartik Purnima.

Swastika at the Main Door:

Create a Swastika symbol at the main entrance of your home.

Worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi:

Perform puja for Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on this sacred day.

Charitable Acts:

Donate rice, sugar, and milk as a benevolent gesture.

Symbolic Offering to the River:

Symbolically release rice, sugar, and milk into a river in small quantities.

Moon Gazing:

Take a moment to gaze at the moon on Kartik Purnima.

Illuminate with Lamps:

Light lamps on Kartik Purnima, bringing positive energy into your home.

Lighting Diyas Indoors:

Illuminate your home with lamps, dispelling all troubles and woes.

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