These 5 plants destroy happiness, keep away from home

Which plants should not be planted at home as per Vastu?

Avoid having these five plants in your home as they are believed to bring negative energy and disrupt happiness

Three important point to keep in mind:

Vastu advises against planting certain plants at home

Which tree should not be kept in home?

Which plant is lucky to keep at home?

Trees and plants have been considered worshipable in Sanatan Dharma. There are beliefs that having trees and plants in the house pleases Goddess Lakshmi and increases happiness and prosperity.

But some trees and plants eclipse the happiness of the house. That's why they should neither be kept in the house nor in the courtyard or in front of the main door.

1. Peepal tree has been considered worshipable in Hinduism. But it is considered inauspicious to be in the courtyard or in front of the main door of the house.

Peepal tree transmits negative energy in the house. There are such beliefs that ghosts and spirits also keep camping on this tree.

2. Never plant tamarind tree in the courtyard of the house. By applying this, there is an atmosphere of fear in the house. Relationships get sour.

3. Neem tree should not be planted in the courtyard of the house. Neem dissolves bitterness in relationships. That's why it is better to plant it away from home.

4. Some people keep a cactus to enhance the beauty of the house. While it is not right to keep it. Due to the presence of thorny plants in the house, quarrels increase.

5. If any tree or plant is drying up in the house, remove it immediately. Do not let plants like Tulsi or money plant dry at home.

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