Identify the weakness of your child through these five symptoms

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Identify the weakness of your child through these five symptoms, adopt these measures to remove the weakness

Symptoms of Child Weakness:

Children have more energy than elders. As soon as they come from school, children always go out to play. They do not feel tired quickly even after playing for many hours. Children have the ability to play and jump without being tired.

In such a situation, if your child sits quietly without taking interest in playing and even if goes to play, they start feeling tired quickly and remain depressed. The reason might be that the child is not physically healthy.

Children also behave like this because of weakness. Because of muscle weakness, children may not only have difficulty in playing, they might also have difficulty in walking. The child also becomes lethargic. Many times, the weakness in children increases very much that they are not able to do even their personal work.

To know about the weakness of your child, you should know the symptoms of their weakness.

Symptoms of weakness in a child

Headache and fatigue:

If the child has a regular headache or starts feeling tired only after a little activity, then it is a sign of being internally unwell. Most of the time while playing or doing some work, the child's heart rate increases and the child starts having trouble breathing.

Leg pain and difficulty in walking:

Sometimes, due to lack of nutrition,the child's leg might pain. At the age of running and jumping, many children still cannot walk well and usually complain of pain in their feet. Children also find it difficult to stand, run and jump. It can also be a sign of calcium deficiency in them.

Get fever:

If the child gets a fever very often, then along with the child's immunity being weak, the child may also become physically weak.

Arm and hand pain:

Sometimes children’s arms or hands also have pain. The child gets upset while writing, eating food, playing, carrying a bag or buttoning a shirt.

Dry face:

Weakness in the child is first identified by the dryness of their face, chapped lips and dark circles under the eyes. Rashes might also appear on their faces. They also have difficulty in speaking, swallowing food and sucking.

Causes of weakness in children:

There are many reasons for the weakness of a child. Nutritional deficiency, muscle weakness, polio, acute flaccid myelitis and many other diseases also cause weakness in a child.

Because of the weakness, the child not only has difficulty in working, but also the development of the child becomes slow. They might not grow tall and many weak children also remain underweight. In such situation, the doctor should be contacted immediately and all the necessary tests of the child should be done.

Ways to avoid weakness
  • If you see these signs of weakness in your children, then take them to the doctor first.
  • Give children nutritious food, which are rich in protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Try to keep your child hydrated and energetic.
  • If the child usually tells you about some kind of physical problem, do not ignore it .

Note: If your child is suffering from serious illness, then take him to the doctor first.

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