Kamada Ekadashi 2023 Upay: Do this remedy on Kamada Ekadashi, every wishes will be fulfilled

Kamada Ekadashi Remedy: Perform this ritual on Kamada Ekadashi to manifest all your desires.

The Ekadashi occurring during the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Chaitra is known as Kamda Ekadashi. Every wish is fulfilled by worshiping Lord Vishnu on this day. 

Moreover, engaging in specific actions on this propitious day is believed to result in favorable consequences.

It is believed that by remembering Lord Vishnu on the day of Kamda Ekadashi and trying these remedies, every wish is fulfilled and the person gets physical pleasures.

Kamada Ekadashi 2023 Remedies:
  • On the occasion of Kamada Ekadashi, offer water to the sacred Peepal tree, Do parikrama 11 times around peepal and keep tying the raw yarn(sut) to the peepal with each parikrama. By following this practice, you can relieve the burden of debt. Collect five Peepal leaves and use turmeric to create a swastika symbol on each leaf                                                                                
  • Present these embellished leaves to Lord Vishnu as a token of veneration.as a gesture of reverence. Due to this, there will be an increase in business and chances of monetary gains will also be seen soon.
  • During Kamada Ekadashi, recite the mantra 'Om Namo Bhagwate Narayanaya' dedicated to Lord Vishnu 108 times, and for each chant, offer one marigold flower to Lord Vishnu. This practice will help eliminate job-related obstacles.

    Additionally, create seven turmeric knots on a yellow cloth and present it as a sacred offering to Lord Vishnu

  • Then keep that knotted cloth in the vault, this will improve the economic condition and increase in wealth will also be created.
  • In the remembrance of Lord Vishnu, fill the temple's conch with water and sprinkle it throughout the entire house as a sacred act.n addition to the aforementioned practices, fill a conch shell with water and place it in the vicinity of the Tulsi plant. This will remove family discord.
  • To seek liberation for your ancestors and alleviate their spiritual afflictions, read the story of Kamada Ekadashi on the day itself. Additionally, offer sweet food to Lord Vishnu with the intention of fulfilling the wishes of your ancestors.                                                                                 
  • As an offering to Lord Vishnu, include Tulsi Dal in His bhog (sacred food offering). In the evening, light a lamp in front of the Tulsi plant and let it burn. This act will fill your home with positivity, dispelling negativity and fostering a harmonious environment 
  • Tulsi is considered as mother. In such a situation, worship the Tulsi plant as Vishnu's wife by lifting it with a red chunri. By following this ritual, you can overcome obstacles in marriage and increase the chances of an early marriage. Here is the Kamada Ekadashi 2023 Puja Vidhi:
    1. On the day of Kamada Ekadashi, wake up early in the morning during Brahma Muhurta.
    2. Take a refreshing bath and wear clean clothes.

    Please note that this is just the beginning of the puja and there are further steps and rituals that can be followed to complete the Kamada Ekadashi Puja

  • Visit the place of worship and place a red cloth on a wooden post as a sacred act
  • Now install the idol of Lord Vishnu on that red cloth.

  • Take water in a glass and mix sesame, roli and unbroken Akshat in it and anoint Lord Vishnu.

  • After this, offer fruits, flowers, milk, Panchamrit sesame seeds to Lord Vishnu.
  • Light a ghee lamp and take a vow of fasting remembering Lord Vishnu.

  • Offer bhog to Lord Vishnu and don't forget to offer Tulsi dal in the bhog.

  • Recite the sacred mantras of Lord Vishnu and ensure to read the story of Kamada Ekadashi Vrat.

  • Sing the Aarti of Lord Vishnu and finally distribute the Bhog as Prasad.

  • After completing the worship, be sure to offer food to a Brahmin or a person in need.
Significance of Kamada Ekadashi 2023

Kamada Ekadashi holds great significance in Hinduism as it is regarded as the inaugural Ekadashi of the Hindu New Year. It is believed that on the day of Kamada Ekadashi, By worshiping Lord Vishnu with devotion and praying from the heart, one's wishes are fulfilled. 

Hence, this Ekadashi is named Kamada Ekadashi, signifying the fulfillment of desires. Observing a fast on this auspicious day carries significant importance.

By offering yellow flowers, yellow clothes, yellow rice or any yellow item to Lord Vishnu on the day of Kamada Ekadashi, Shri Hari Narayan is quickly pleased and takes away all the miseries of a person's life. 

By worshipping Lord Vishnu on the day of Kamada Ekadashi, one not only receives the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Ekadashi Mata but also finds relief from personal troubles and challenges.

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