Maghi Purnima 2023 is very virtuous, know what to do on this day


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Maghi Purnima - the full moon that falls in the month of Magha according to the Hindu calendar is on 5 February. It has been told in the Puranas that Lord Vishnu resides in the water of the Ganges on Maghi Purnima. It is believed that on this day the moon showers nectar by being resplendent with its sixteen arts.

Its parts are found in trees, rivers, reservoirs and vegetation, hence the properties that get rid of all diseases arise in them. According to Vedic astrology, by takin a bath  with ganga water on Magh Purnima, one gets freedom from the defects of Sun and Moon.

In the Puranas, it is written about Maghi Purnima that on this day Lord Vishnu himself sits in the water of the Ganges.

 That's why one should bath in the river Ganges on this day, if this is not possible, then one should take bath by adding Ganges water to the water at home.

Apart from this, achaman of Gangajal i.e. drinking a little Gangajal also gives virtue. Lord Vishnu should be worshiped and fasted on Maghi Purnima. This destroys all kinds of sins.

It is believed that on Maghi Purnima, even the gods change their form and come to Prayag to bath in the Ganges. That's why the special importance of this date has been mentioned in the religious texts.

It is said that taking a bath in the river in the Brahma Muhurta on Magh Purnima cures diseases. Donating sesame and blanket on this day gives freedom from hell.

Worship Lord Vishnu after taking bath in the morning of Maghi Purnima. Then after performing Shraddha of the ancestors, donate food, clothes, sesame seeds, blankets, cotton, jaggery, ghee, fruits, grains etc. to the Brahmins.

As much importance is given to bathing on Magh Purnima, the same importance is given to charity. The fruits of the things donated on this full moon are multiplied manifold.

Not only this, the fruit of charity never ends on Magha Purnima. Donating blanket, sesame and jaggery on the full moon of Magh month is considered very auspicious. Because Magh month is considered to be the month of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu loves mole(teel) very much.

For this reason, donating sesame and jaggery is considered very important in the full moon of Magh month.

The light of the lamp is especially dear to God. That is why a lamp should be lit in the house on the full moon night to welcome the deities.

Light a lamp near Tulsi on the evening of full moon date. circle around tulsi by chanting “om namo bahwate vasudevay”

On this day observe fast.. Do not eat anything for the whole day. If it is not possible, then you can eat fruits at one time.

One should not speak too loudly or get angry on anyone on this day. Domestic trouble should be avoided.

The poor and needy should be helped. Take special care that no one is insulted by you or through your mind, words or deeds. By fasting in this way with restraint, the fasting person gets virtuous fruits.

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