Magh Purnima 2023: Worship of pipal tree on Magh Purnima will destroy every sorrow of life


Magh Purnima 2023Worship of pipal tree on Magh Purnima will destroy every sorrow of life, money will flow to you with the grace of Mother Lakshmi

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Every month has special significance in Hinduism. The scriptures describe the special importance of worshiping the Sun god and Lord Vishnu during the month of Magh.

According to the scriptures, bathing with the water of the Ganga river has special significance in this month. It is said that if you cannot bath with Ganges water for the whole month, then on the day of Magha Purnima, definitely mix Ganges water in the bath water.

It is believed that by bathing with  water of the Ganga river  on this day, a person gets freedom from sins.

It is believed that charity gives thirty-two times the fruit on Magh Purnima, hence it is also called Battisi Purnima.

The result of bathing in Sangam on three specific dates of the month of Magh in Prayag is more than performing ten thousand Ashwamedha Yagya on earth.

The reason behind this is told that in the month of Magha, the deities Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Rudra, Aditya etc. visit Prayagraj.

Which tree should be worshiped on the day of Magha Purnima to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi? We will discuss it next.

According to the Hindu calendar, Magha Purnima Tithi will start from 9.29 pm on February 4, 2023 and will end on February 5, 2023 at 11.58 pm.

Magha Purnima will be celebrated on 5th February, 2023, considering the rising date.

Do it on Magh Purnima (Magh Purnima Upay 2023)

 Bathing should be done in the holy river in Brahma Muhurta, if there is no river near you, then bathing should be done by adding Ganges water to the bathing water.

Offer Arghya to the Sun after bath, while offering Arghya also chant the mantras of Lord Surya.

After this worship Shri Hari Vishnu.

Make sure to donate black sesame after bathing and puja  on Magh Purnima.

After worship, give food to a poor person and give Dakshina.

During the month of Magh, Havan should be celebrated with black sesame and ancestors should be worshiped with black sesame.

Magh Purnima Remedies

It is believed that bathing in the Ganga on the day of Magh Purnima brings blessings of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. Along with this, there is happiness-prosperity and wealth-glory in life.

Chanting the mantra of Maa Lakshmi on the day of full moon increases wealth in a person's vault. Happiness comes in the family. It is believed that worshiping Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Vishnu on this day removes all the sorrows of a person's life.


On the full moon day of the month of Magh, offering yellow and red colored material to Maa Lakshmi at the time of worship is beneficial. Offer white sweets or kheer to Lakshmi ji on this day. It satisfies every human desire.

In the scriptures, the special importance of using sesame seeds in the month of Magh has been mentioned. In such a situation, donation of ghee, sesame, jaggery, salt, clothes, five types of grains and cow etc. is considered very auspicious in the month of Magh. By this a person gets many times more virtue.

On the full moon day, color 11 pennies[kaudi] with turmeric and offer them to Goddess Lakshmi. After this worship them. The next day, by tying it in a red colored cloth and keeping it in the vault, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are received.

On this day Srisukta dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi must be recited. Lakshmi ji is pleased with this and blesses with happiness and prosperity. On this day in the evening, by lighting a lamp of ghee in front of Tulsi, special fruits are obtained.

Worshiping Peepal tree on this day also removes all the sufferings of a person. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi arrives by worshiping the Peepal tree.

In such a situation, offer water to the Peepal tree in the morning of the full moon and by lighting a ghee lamp, auspicious fruits are obtained and Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house.

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