Gupta Navratri 2023: By doing this one thing in Gupta Navratri, any wish gets fulfilled in 9 days.

 By doing this one thing in Gupta Navratri, any wish gets fulfilled in 9 days

Gupt navratri

 What is the religious and scientific significance of Gupta Navratri?

 Navratri is celebrated 4 times in a year, we know two Navratri which we call normal Navratri, one is Vasantik Navratri and the other is Sharadiya Navratri.Also, Gupta Navratri is celebrated twice a year.

In normal Navratri, Chaitra Navratri falls around April and Sharadiya Navratri falls around October, which is known and followed by most of the people.


Additionally, Gupta Navratri is also celebrated in the months of Magha (i.e. January) and Ashadha (around June-July).

The two mehods for worshipping Maa Durga in Gupt Navratri:

  •   Tantra Method 
  •    Normal Method

 What is the difference between Gupta Navratri and regular Navratri?

In normal Navratri, both satvikic and tantric worship are performed. In normal Navratri laymen perform sattvic puja or general puja and those who worship Tantra sadhna also perform Tantric puja.

While Tantric Sunnah is mostly performed in Guptanavratri, Tantric Worship is performed more in Guptanavratri. Gupta Navratri is not widely advertised Sadhna, worship and meditation performed during Gupta Navratri is secret, Gupta Navratri is considered more important due to secret reasons, gain power in Gupta Navratri. In Gupta Navratri, gain strength through tantric practice or more generally, and seek grace to remove obstacles. The more secret sadhna you do during Gupta Navratri and the deeper sadhna you do, the better the effects and results will be for you. Therefore, during Gupta Navrat, you should keep your practice private. The more mystical your meditations, worships, and confessions, the better their impact and results on you. At Gupta Navratra, the more mysterious the worship and desire, the greater the success. The effects and results are sure to be good. Keep sadhana secret and follow clean eating.


So remember two things: keep your practice secret, if you do most of it at night, the effects will work in your favor. Gupta Navratri's Mother Worship and General Rules Give it to my mother in the morning and evening. The easiest and best bhogs are cloves and batasha.

Red flowers are best for the mother, but don't offer Aak, Madar, Doob and Tulsi to the mother at all.

You should keep your food and diet sattvic for the whole nine days.

Remedies  of Gupta Navratri which fulfills every wish

Spread a red cloth on a wooden post.

You sould also install the idol or replica of the mother on it.

Light a big ghee lamp in front of the mother.

 You should also chant this special mantra of Maa 108 times in the morning and evening.

The mantra is - "ऊं ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुंडाय विच्चे"[Om aim hreem kleem chamundaay vicche"]

Pray for the fulfillment of your wishes.

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