If you have periods in Karva Chauth, then follow these rules, so that your worship will be successful.

Karwa Chauth 2022. Fasting Rules in periods :

This time Karva Chauth is celebrated on October 14, 2022. In Sanatan Dharma, many fasts are provided for the welfare of human life. According to the religious scriptures, it is very important to observe rules, restraint and holy conduct during these fasts. Any fasting should be done with complete purity. Specifically for women, it states that they should not perform religious rituals or worship God during menstruation. God and any worship material should also not be touched. But sometimes situations arise when women do not know what to do. This fast takes place once a year. The women of Suhagin wait all year for this fast. In such a situation, when the period starts, women become restless and think whether to worship or not. In the Shiva Purana, it is also said that a woman's body goes through a purification process during menstruation. For this reason, women are advised in the scriptures to stay away from worldly and godly tasks.

How to fast Karva Chauth during menstruation?

If the period starts during the Karva Chauth fast or worship, women should stop their fast.

During this time, one should mentally believe in Karva Mata.

The fasting women can fulfil all the rules by sitting far away from another person during the worship service on that day.

Note that no objects of worship should be touched during this time.

You can recite mantras in your mind during the period.

During worship, you can express your wishes to Chauth Mata.

keep fast without touching any items of worship.

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