Health Tips: If the skin is getting itchy or any other problem in monsoon, then do these remedies

Health Tips: If the skin is getting itchy or any other problem in monsoon, then do these remedies

Healthy Skin Tips: It has become a common thing to be prone to many types of infectious diseases during the rainy season. Many types of skin problems start occurring in the monsoon, including dengue-malaria. Because due to rain, pits and bacteria grow immediately in it.

Due to sweating due to moisture in the skin, the infection spreads and itching starts. Skin allergies, ear, nose and throat problems are common during this season. Due to temperature, air quality, dirt and humidity, most of the neck, elbows, underarms, under the breasts, under arms , in the middle of the thighs, on the head, sweat excessively during monsoon.

Due to this bacteria and viruses are born. This increases the chances of a person getting diseases like allergies, fungal infections, ringworm, scabies, itching, skin rashes, sore throat, eczema, cold and fever. In such a situation,   if you also have the problem of itching and rashes in the skin during the rainy season, then by adopting these home remedies, you can get rid of your problems.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which are very beneficial for the skin. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin as well as removes infections. If there is itching in monsoon, applying coconut oil on the affected area and massaging it with light hands does not cause itching and rashes. If you go to sleep every night by applying coconut oil all over your body, then you will be away from the skin problem due to rain.

Lemon and Baking Soda 

Lemon is beneficial for the skin. If the skin is itching due to moisture in the rain, then mix two spoons of baking soda and one spoon of fresh lemon juice and apply it on the skin with slow hands. After 5-10 minutes wash the skin with normal water. Keep in mind that do not leave this paste on the body for more than 10-15 minutes. Doing this process once a day can get rid of itching. And your skin becomes clear and glowing.

sandalwood paste
If there is a lot of itching on the skin during monsoon ie during the rainy days, then apply sandalwood paste on the skin.

Sandalwood is considered very beneficial for the skin. In such a situation, you will easily get sandalwood powder in the market. Mix rose water in it and apply it on the itchy areas. Applying this paste regularly provides relief from itching and also improves the skin tone. If you want to improve the complexion of the face, then apply sandalwood and rose water on your face daily ,Wash the sandalwood paste on the face till it dries. do this process daily and see the difference.

Antibacterial properties are found in Neem. Neem is a very beneficial Ayurvedic medicine. The use of neem is beneficial in skin related problems. If the problem of itching is to be removed, then grind neem leaves and apply it on the skin. Which gives relief from itching on your skin, take a large quantity of neem leaves, crush it well, then put it in water and boil it well. After the water becomes half, pour the water of this neem leaf in a bucket of plain water. Mix it and then take a bath. Do this process daily. By doing this ,  all the skin problems will end.

Turmeric and Neem Oil 
Prepare a paste by mixing turmeric with neem oil and apply this paste on the itchy area. Wash off after keeping it for some time, which will make you feel comfortable from itching.

Clove oil

The anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties found in cloves help in reducing the itchy rash. But, care must be taken while applying it. You can apply clove oil mixed with coconut oil. Do not use clove oil directly on your body.

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