Sawan Month: By offering 28 favorite things of Shiva, you will get 28 wonderful benefits

 Sawan Month: By offering 28 favorite things of Shiva, you will get 28 wonderful benefits

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Baba Bholenath is called Adi and Anant, who reside in every element from earth to sky and from water to fire.

If you want to get the desired results, then in the month of Sawan, anoint Lord Shiva with these 28 things.

Offering water, milk, curd, honey, ghee, sugar, perfume, sandalwood, saffron, cannabis(Bhang) to Lord Shiva in worship is considered very auspicious.

All these things can be mixed together or one-by-one things can be offered on Shivling.

It has been told in Shiv Puran that after bathing the Shivling with these things, all the wishes are fulfilled.

In the worship of Shiva, by anointing with these things dear to Shiva, all kinds of wishes start getting fulfilled.

1.By offering " Bel leaves” on shivling -
  • Employment will be obtained and mental peace achieved
  • sins are destroyed,
  • all problems related to children end,.
  • All troubles go away from life 
2.When Shiva is anointed with "sugar" in the month of Sawan, happiness, opulence and prosperity starts coming.

3.offering " cannabis(Bhang)” and “datura” on Shivling -
  • Tension will be reduced,
  • There will be stability in life,
  • sins and all evils are removed from life
4. Chanting Shiva mantras in the month of Sawan while anointing the Shivling with "water" , the person's nature becomes calm and love starts to arise in practice.

5.In the month of Sawan offering "honey" to shivling , sweetness starts coming in the speech.
  • Maa Lakshmi will enter in life and wealth is attained
  • Good physique and beauty are attained
  • prestige increases in the society
6.In the month of Sawan when a person offering "cow's milk" to shivling , the person is blessed with good health and
  • Blessed Children are borne
  • It protect from accident, any pending important work will be accomplished
7.Anointing (Abhishek ) Shiva with "curd" in the month of Sawan brings prosperity to life
  • benefit in a happy married life,
  • happiness and gaiety are attained.
8.By doing abhishek "pure ghee of cow" on Shivling in the month of Sawan, divine power starts flowing in the person's body.
  • Increases physical and mental strength
  • gets success in work
9.what will happen by offering "sugarcane juice” to shivling -
  • prosperity, wealth and children will be achived
  • all family sorrows are destroyed and mutual love remains in the family
10.What will happen if you " mix perfume or rose petals” in water and offer it to Shivling?

  • all diseases will go away
11.Benefits of anointing Shivling with Panchamrit (milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar)

  • Your every wish will be fulfilled
12. By anointing Shiva with "sandalwood perfume" in the month of Sawan, one's thoughts become pure. marriage and job hurdles are removed

13. By anointing Shiva with "pure sandalwood" in the month of Sawan, the personality of the person becomes attractive and gets respect in the society.

14. By anointing Shiva with "pure saffron" in the month of Sawan, gentleness starts coming in the person. Married life becomes happy and obstacles in marriage are removed and you get the desired life partner.

15. By anointing Shiva with "Gangajal" in the month of Sawan and offering cannabis, the disorders and evils of the person's mind start getting removed. Along with attainment of salvation and destruction of sins will be done.

16. What will happen by offering” Abir/Gulal” on Shivling ?
  • Dispute/litigation problem will be resolved
17. “Light a lamp” of one face of ghee and then do aarti, then you will definitely get success in work.

18. Apply “sandalwood with both hands on shivling and then pour a stream of water on shivling. By this -
  • the lack of health and money will be removed,
  • Yes and honor are earned

19. What will happen by offering rice / Akshat shivling-

  • To increase money and prosperity offer akshat (unbroken rice) to shivling.
20. Offering Amla juice on Shivling gives longevity.

21. By offering “wheat” on shivling-
  • Obedient children are born and progeny increases
22. By offering “sami leaves” on shivling , one attains salvation and every crisis is removed.

23. Offering “Barley (Jau)” _
  • Worldly pleasures are obtained by offering barley on shivling.
24. Offering “Durva” on shivling also gives longevity.

25. By offering “datura” on shivling, a worthy son is attained, who later illuminates the name of the family .

26. Offering“ jasmine” on shivling brings happiness and prosperity in life.

27. By offering flowers of a figure (aakre) on shivling- one gets all the happiness in life and the ancestors also get salvation

28. Worshiping Lord Bholenath with“ linseed(alsi) flowers”, man becomes dear to all the gods and special blessings of Lord Bholenath remain on him.

please take care-

  • First of all offer a thin stream of water to Lord Shiva.
  • Then offer something else like if you offer honey, then offer a stream of water.
  • While offering anything to Lord Shiva, keep saying Namah Shivaya, Namah Shivaya.
  • If you cannot offer one thing at a time, then offer all the things together.

By doing all these measures in Sawan, you can change your life and fulfill all your wishes.

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