Do this remedy on Devshayani Ekadashi the house will be full of wealth


Do this remedy on Devshayani Ekadashi the house will be full of wealth

Devshayani Ekadashi,Remedies for Devshayani Ekadashi

What to do on Devshayani Ekadashi?

Ekadashi fast is very important in Hinduism. Remember the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month is called Devshayani Ekadashi.

According to religious beliefs, by worshiping Lord Narayan on this day, a person gets manifold good results.

In Sanatan Dharma, Devshayani Ekadashi is the day of the year when Lord Vishnu goes into Yognidra for four months and wakes up on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi.

During these 4 months , Lord Shiva manages the earth during this period. On this Ekadashi date, if a person worships Vishnu ji with devotion and takes some measures, then he gets freedom from all sins and happiness, peace and prosperity comes in life.

Remedies for Devshayani Ekadashi

Worship Lord Vishnu on the day of Devshayani Ekadashi and anoint Lord Vishnu with Panchamrit during the worship and chant the mantra Om namo bhagwate vasudevay [ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय]

By doing this a person gets freedom from all sins and happiness and peace comes in the house.

On this day observe the fast by duly worshiping Lord Vishnu, reciting Vishnu Sahastranam or Gopal Sahastranam. By doing this your children become worthy and their sufferings are solved.

Amla is very dear to Lord Vishnu. On this day, by adding amla juice to the water and taking a bath before sunrise, a lot of virtue is achieved and all the sins of the creature are removed.

On the day of Devshayani Ekadashi, anointing Shri Narayan mixed with saffron in raw milk pleases the Lord very quickly. 

By doing this, the arrival of money will continue in your house and the person never faces financial crisis in life, his house is always full of money and grains.

The sound of the conch is endowed with spiritual power. As far as its sound reaches, all kinds of negative energy is removed, as well as all the germs living in the environment are destroyed.

After worshiping on this day, sprinkling conch water all over the house brings positive energy in the house.

Donation is very important on the day of Devshayani Ekadashi. If someone is very sick in your house, then fruits, medicines and clothes should be donated to the needy. You will  experience mental peace by this and it is also believed that diseases of a person get cured by this and he gets well soon.

On this day at night, for the happiness of Lord Vishnu, there should be awakening through bhajan-kirtan,mantra-jaap  and praise. 

 On this day, by donating lamps in temples, under Tulsi and on the banks of rivers, the blessings of Shri Hari and Maa Lakshmi remain.

After bathing on the day of Devshayani Ekadashi, At home or go to  temple and light a ghee lamp and recite the Gita. By doing this your ancestors are happy, you get the blessings of the ancestors and the people of the house progress.

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