Akshaya Tritiya 2023:What to buy on Akshaya Tritiya


Akshaya Tritiya 2023

  • If you are not able to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya then buy itπŸ‘‡

In this year 2023 Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 22 April  And it is being celebrated on Tritiya of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month in Hindu and Jain calendar.

Akshaya Tritiya, a festival celebrated during the third day of the waxing phase (Shukla Paksha) in the month of Vaishakh, holds special significance.

The term Akshaya, derived from Sanskrit, conveys the essence of eternal, boundless joy, success, and bliss. Tritiya simply refers to the number three.

Purchasing gold on Akshaya Tritiya is believed to bestow favorable outcomes upon us. It is widely believed that acquiring gold on this auspicious occasion attracts prosperity and wealth into our lives.

On this day devotees wake up early in the morning and worship after taking a bath. 

In reverence to Lord Vishnu, they present offerings of incense sticks, sandalwood paste, basil leaves, and flowers.

  • Akshaya Tritiya holds great importance in the Hindu religion

  • In Akshaya Tritiya gold is bought to please Goddess Lakshmi. 

  • In addition to gold, there are certain items that can bring you benefits when purchased

  • Let us know what is auspicious to buy on Akshaya Tritiya apart from gold.

  • Parad ShivlingπŸ‘‡

To receive the blessings of both Lord Bholenath (Lord Shiva) and Maa Lakshmi (Goddess Lakshmi) on Akshaya Tritiya, 

On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, it is customary to purchase and bring a Parad Shivling home.

After this, worship the Parad Shivling with complete rituals. 

By following this practice, the financial troubles of the seeker dissipate, and their home remains abundant with wealth and provisions.

However, it is important to note that the Shivling installed in the house should not be moved from its designated place.

  • southward conch shellπŸ‘‡

On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, it is highly regarded to acquire a Dakshinavarti conch for one's home.

It is believed that a household harboring the presence of this conch shell becomes impervious to sorrow and poverty.

Additionally, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi perpetually grace such a dwelling.

The worship of the Dakshinavarti Shankh amplifies happiness, good fortune, and wealth within the household.

But friends, if there is already a Dakshinavarti conch at your place of worship and you are worshiping it, then do not install another Dakshinavarti conch in the place of

It is advisable to exercise caution in the worship of Dakshinavarti conch, as it is not considered auspicious to have two of them in a single place of worship

  • Shree YantraπŸ‘‡

To receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on Akshaya Tritiya, it is highly beneficial to engage in various practices, such as chanting mantras dedicated to the divine mother and performing worship rituals with her yantra. These acts are believed to yield fruitful results in seeking the grace and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

To fulfill the wishes of happiness, prosperity and good luck on Akshaya Tritiya, buy and bring Shree Yantra.

Establish it according to the rules and regulations and worship it daily. 

It is believed that merely beholding the Shree Yantra can bestow the seeker with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

By installing the Shree Yantra in one's home and offering daily worship, all financial obstacles are said to swiftly dissipate.

It is highly recommended to maintain a regular practice of worshiping the Shree Yantra to ensure its continued positive influence in attracting prosperity and abundance into the household.

  • yellow shellπŸ‘‡

Kauri is also very important in the worship of Maa Lakshmi. The worship of Goddess Lakshmi is considered incomplete without the inclusion of cowrie shells

If you are not able to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya, then you must bring yellow shell to your home and offer them in the worship of Maa Lakshmi, then the problems related to money go away.

If obtaining cowrie shells is not feasible, an alternative is to color white shells with saffron and utilize them during the worship of Goddess Lakshmi.

By embracing the presence of a Parad Shivling in your home on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi will bestow her blessings, unlocking the doors for wealth, happiness, and prosperity to gracefully enter your abode

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