Put one thing in the fire of Holika Dahan, poverty and disease will go away overnight.


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Holika Dahan throws a man into the fire: Poverty and disease will disappear overnight.

The night of Holika Dahan is considered the night of divine powers. On this day the demonic powers are destroyed and the divine powers emerge.

On the other hand, this day is considered to be the best day to remove poverty, to remove the troubles going on in life, to get rid of all the sufferings.

In Holika Dahan, a branch of a tree is buried in the ground and surrounded by wood, earthen lumps, dung cake from all sides and burnt at a certain time.

Dung cakes with holes in it, new earrings of wheat and cow dung are burnt. So that a person gets health throughout the year and all his evils get burnt in the fire.

There is also a tradition of bringing Holika's ashes in the house and doing Tilak with it.

This trick must be tried on the night of Holika Dahan. These tricks show their full effect on this night.

Holika Dahan announced many such measures that day to remove all worries from your home.

Many such things are put in Holika Dahan, which bring happiness in the family by correcting the economic condition of your home.

Just as the Holika sitting in the fire with the devotee Prahlad herself gets burnt to ashes, similarly on the day of Holika Dahan all the evils, pains and sorrows get destroyed by burning in the holy fire.

What is the specialty and benefit of Holika Dahan?

On this day, all the problems in the mind can be solved. One can get rid of the problems of disease, illness and opponents. You can get relief from financial constraints.

If you want to get the blessings of God, then you can easily get it on this day. You can get rid of your own obstacles by putting different things in the fire.

What to do on the day of Holika Dahan?

Go to the place of Holika Dahan. Salute the fire. Pour water on the land. After that, put wheat earrings, cow dung cake and black sesame on the fire. walk around the stove at least three times, After this, bow down to the fire and say your wishes. Tilak yourself and your family members with the ashes of Holika's fire.

What to Do for good health:

Take a handful of black sesame seeds in your right hand, rotate it 3 times in the opposite direction from your head and put it in the fire of Holika. You will be achieving good health by doing so.

What to do if you are sick : 

If your Health is sometimes good and sometimes bad, so put 11 or 3 green cardamom and camphor in the fire of Holika Dahan. It cures disease.

To solve money problems

To get rid of money problems, put sandalwood in the fire of Holika and bow down - By putting a small piece of sandalwood in the fire of Holika, the problem of money goes away. Keep in mind that sandalwood should be pure.

If you are unable to get employment or a job, then take a handful of yellow mustard and  rotate it 3 times in the opposite direction from your head and put it in the fire of Holika, you will get a job.

If you feel that someone has done a tantra, mantra on you and you are very upset due to this, then black mustard which is called Rai. Take a handful of mustard and rotate it 3 times in the opposite direction from your head and put it in the fire of Holika, you will get rid of any kind of evil eye, tantra-mantra, or negative energy.

If the marriage is not happening or there is any problem in married life, then bring the Havan material from the market, mix ghee and barley in it and put it in the fire of Holika with both your hands.

If marriage is not possible due to this, then marriage will happen, those who have been married and are facing problems in married life, then this problem will also go away.

FAQ for Holika Dahan 2023:

Q: What is Holika Dahan?

A: Holika Dahan is a Hindu festival celebrated on the night before Holi, where people light bonfires to commemorate the triumph of good over evil.

Q: When is Holika Dahan in 2023?

A: Holika Dahan in 2023 will be celebrated on Tuesday , March 7th.

Q: Why is Holika Dahan celebrated?

A: Holika Dahan is celebrated to mark the victory of Prahlada, a young devotee of Lord Vishnu, over his evil father Hiranyakashipu and his aunt Holika, who were both killed by Lord Vishnu.

Q: How is Holika Dahan celebrated?

A: People gather wood and other combustible materials to create a large bonfire. Before lighting the fire, prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu and Holika, and people circle the fire while singing and dancing. After the fire dies down, people apply the ashes to their foreheads as a symbol of purity.

Q: Is Holika Dahan a national holiday in India?

A: No, Holika Dahan is not a national holiday in India, but it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in many parts of the country.

Q: What are some traditional foods associated with Holika Dahan?

A: There are no specific foods associated with Holika Dahan, but people often prepare traditional sweets and snacks like gujiya, mathri, dahi bhalla, and thandai for the Holi festival that follows the next day.

Q: Can anyone participate in Holika Dahan celebrations?

A: Yes, anyone can participate in Holika Dahan celebrations regardless of their religion or cultural background. However, it is important to respect the customs and traditions associated with the festival.

Q: Is Holika Dahan only celebrated in India?

A: No, Holika Dahan is mainly celebrated in India, but it is also observed in other countries with significant Hindu populations, such as Nepal, Bangladesh, and Mauritius.

Holika Dahan story: Why Holika Dahan?

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