Sawan 2022: Do not offer all these things on Shivling even by mistake.

  • The month of auspicious Sawan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Special worship is done to Lord Bholenath throughout this month. It is believed that these days, Bholenath is pleased by offering Belpatra, Dhatura, sandalwood and Akshat Gangajal on Shivling, while some things are forbidden to be offered to Bholenath. It is said that Lord Shankar gets angry by offering these things to Shivling. In the future, I will tell you what should not be offered to shivling  even by mistake.

Kumkum or vermilion 

  • Women apply vermilion on demand to wish for the long life of their husband. In Shiva Purana, Mahadev has been described as the destroyer, some people also offer it to Lord Shiva, whereas in Shiva Purana it is forbidden to do so. The reason is that Lord Shiva is not worshiped with vermilion or kumkum. Bholenath gets angry with its use.


  • In a simple marriage, no ritual proceeds without turmeric, turmeric is used in many worship lessons, but turmeric is not offered in Shiva worship. According to the scriptures, Shivling is a symbol of masculinity and turmeric is considered as a cosmetic item. Turmeric is also related to Lord Vishnu and good luck, so it is not offered to Lord Shiva. By offering turmeric to Lord Shankar, the moon starts weakening. 

Tulsi leaves 

  • Holy basil is specially used in the worship of many gods and goddesses, without Tulsi many gods and goddesses are not worshiped, although their use is considered taboo in the worship of Savan or Lord Shiva. According to mythology, Lord Shiva had killed Tulsi's husband Asura Jalandhar, due to which Tulsi, in anger, deprived Lord Shiva of the leaves of his divine qualities. Since that time it is never used in worship of Lord Bholenath.

Red and Ketki flowers

  • According to a legend, Bholenath cursed Ketki flowers for lying, saying that Ketki flowers would never be offered on Shivling or in worship of Shiva. As well as in worship of Mahadev. Red flowers are not offered at all. That's why we avoid offering these flowers.

Coconut water

  • Coconut is considered to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi, so it should not be used to consecrate Shiva at all. It is considered taboo to accept things offered on Shivling. But you can accept the offerings offered at the place where Jyotirlinga is installed.


  • Lord Shiva killed the demon Shankhchood and the conch shell is considered a symbol of the same Asura, who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. That is why Lord Vishnu is worshiped with a conch shell but not Lord Shiva. Water should never be offered to Mahadev with a conch shell and conch should not be played in the worship of Mahadev.

Broken rice 

  • Broken rice is considered incomplete and impure, that is why offering broken rice to Bholenath is prohibited, in the scriptures it has been said to offer pure rice( akchhat) to Bholenath.

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