Sawan 2022: Worship Shiva with these flowers to get desired results in Sawan

 Sawan 2022: Worship Shiva with these flowers to get desired results in Sawan

Get desired results in Sawan

Favorite Flower Of Lord Shiva: According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Shravan is considered to be of special importance. This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva as he is very dear to this month.
The month of Sawan usually falls in the months of July and August The month begins just after Ashadha Purnima.

During the holy month of Sawan, devotees keep a fast on Mondays, worship Lord Shiva and seek the fulfillment of their wishes.
This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, so people believe that worshiping Lord Shiva during this month can bless a person in many ways.

Hence, during the entire Shravan month, people wake up early, take bath and worship Lord Shiva and observe fast and People also visit temples dedicated to Lord Shiva during Shravan month.

Do you know which flowers are used in Shiva Puja and why? Let us know the importance of beautiful flowers used in Shiva Puja.

Some flowers are very dear to Lord Shiva. If these flowers are offered in the worship of Shiva, then one gets the blessings of fulfilling the desired wishes. Today we are going to give you information about these flowers.
First of all we know which flowers to offer and we will also know what not to offer Harsingar-
  • Durva
  • Datura
  • White lotus
  • Bela
  • Jasmine
  • aakre ( Aakda) flowers
  • Shami Patra
Benefits of offering Bel leaves- Offering Belpatra and lotus flowers to Lord Shiva in Sawan increases your chances of becoming wealthy. This leaf offered to Lord Shiva will please him and help you earn more money.

Worshiping Lord Shiva with Bilva leaves removes all the troubles:

According to Shiva Purana, the trees of Bel Patra originated from the sweat of Mother Parvati. That is why Bel Patra is most dear to Lord Shiva.It is believed that if you offer Bel leaves to Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, you will get the desired results.

By offering Durva one gets the good result:

Durva is dear to Lord Ganesha, Durva is definitely offered in any worship of Lord Ganesha. But by offering Durva to Shankar ji in the month of Sawan, a person remains healthy and attains a long life.

White lotus:

A lotus flower should be offered in the month of Sawan to get wealth and splendor from Lord Shiva.
The Mahamayadhar form of Lord Shiva is worshipped with a lotus flower. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and blessed with wealth.

Benefits of offering Harsingar flowers:

By offering flowers of Harsingar to Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, one gets happiness and wealth. All obstacles and sorrows of life are destroyed.

Benefits of offering Datura:

Datura: In worshipping Datura, Lord Shankar gives a worthy son who enlightens the name of the family.

The fruits and flowers of Madar and Datura are poisonous but are very dear to Lord Shiva. Its description is also found in the Shiva Purana. By offering Madar flower to Shankar ji, eye related disorders are removed and by offering Dhatura there is no fear of poisonous creatures like snakes, scorpions etc.

According to Hindu beliefs, when Lord Shiva drank the poison from the churning of the ocean, this flower appeared from Lord Shiva's chest. Therefore, offering Datura to Lord Shiva will help you get rid of ego, jealousy and hatred.

Blessings done by offering jasmine flower:
  • Offering jasmine to Lord Shiva in Sawan brings happiness and prosperity to your house. Due to this the house will also be full of grains.
  • Vehicles are also obtained by offering jasmine flower.

Bela Pushpa:
  • If you are facing trouble in marriage, then offer Bel Pushpa flower to Lord Shiva in Sawan. This will increase your chances of marriage. Along with this, the compatibility between husband -wife will also increase and your further married life will be happy.
  • Worship with Bela's flower, you get the desired, beautiful life partner.
  • Worship with aakre ( Aakda) flowers and Shami leves
  • Offering Aakre ( Aakda) to Lord Shiva , adorning oneself leads to enjoyment and salvation, and ancestors get salvation.
  • Salvation is attained by worshiping with Shami Patras (leaves).

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