On the night of Krishna Janmashtami, perform these 10 powerful remedies that can change your destiny overnight

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On the night of Krishna Janmashtami, perform these 10 powerful remedies that can change your destiny overnight. 

According to Tantra Shastra, for achieving any desired accomplishment or fulfilling a wish, the four nights are considered the best. 

The first one is:

Kalratri (Narak Chaturdashi or Diwali). 

2nd one is Ahooratri (Shivaratri), 

third night is Daarunratri (Holi), 

and the fourth night is Moharatri, meaning Janmashtami.

In other words, the remedies performed on these days are believed to be highly successful.

For Financial gain:

After bathing and other rituals on Krishna Janmashtami, visit any Radha-Krishna temple and offer a garland of yellow flowers to Lord Shri Krishna. This helps in resolving financial difficulties and enhances the chances of financial gain.

For Fulfilling Desires: 

On the morning of Krishna Janmashtami, perform an Abhishek (ritual bath) of Lord Shri Krishna with water filled in a dakshinavarti-conch shell(Shankh). Repeat this remedy every Friday. Those who perform this remedy are blessed by Goddess Lakshmi, and all their desires are fulfilled.

For Wealth Accumulation: 

On Krishna Janmashtami, prepare a dessert or rice pudding with saffron, dry fruits, and sugar in place of jaggery. Also, add tulsi leaves to it. Offering this to Lord Krishna brings the possibility of acquiring wealth.

For Wealth and Fame:

People who wear yellow-colored clothes are referred to as "Pitambar Dhari." Therefore, on Krishna Janmashtami, donate yellow clothes, yellow fruits, yellow grains, and yellow sweets to a temple. This pleases Lord Shri Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi, ensuring a life filled with wealth and fame.

For Success in All Endeavors

On Krishna Janmashtami, place a coconut with its husk intact and at least 11 almonds in Lord Krishna's temple. It is believed that those who perform this ritual for 27 consecutive days starting from Janmashtami have success in all their endeavors, and they never face scarcity in life.

For Business and Career Success:

 Invite seven unmarried small girls to your home on Krishna Janmashtami and offer them rice pudding or white sweets as a gift. Continue doing this for the next five Fridays. This ritual is believed to please Goddess Lakshmi and bring success in business and career.

For Permanent Happiness and Prosperity: 

At midnight on Krishna Janmashtami when Lord Shri Krishna was born, performing an Abhishek with saffron-infused milk brings permanent happiness and prosperity in life.

To Eliminate Instability and Struggles in Life

Early in the morning on Krishna Janmashtami, visit a Lord Krishna temple and offer a garland made of tulsi leaves around Lord Krishna's neck and  chant 'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya' with a tulsi mala. This practice helps eliminate instability and struggles from life.

For Family Harmony

During the evening of Krishna Janmashtami, light a ghee lamp near the Tulsi plant at home and perform 11 circumambulations around it while chanting 'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.' This creates an atmosphere of peace, love, and harmony in the family.

For Success in Life: To attain success and achievements in life, apply a tilak (mark) of yellow sandalwood paste or saffron mixed with rosewater on your forehead daily, starting from Krishna Janmashtami. This paves the way for success and recognition in society."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Krishna Janmashtami Remedies:

1: What is Krishna Janmashtami?

Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu festival celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna, who is considered the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It usually falls in the month of August or September.

2: What are these remedies for Krishna Janmashtami?

These remedies are spiritual practices and rituals performed on Krishna Janmashtami to seek blessings, fulfill desires, and overcome obstacles in life. They are based on Tantra Shastra and are believed to be highly auspicious.

3: Can anyone perform these remedies?

Yes, anyone can perform these remedies on Krishna Janmashtami. They are open to people of all ages and backgrounds. However, it's essential to perform them with sincerity and devotion.

4: Do these remedies have any specific benefits?

Yes, each remedy is associated with specific benefits. For example, some are for wealth accumulation, others for career success, family harmony, and overall prosperity. The choice of remedy depends on your specific desires and goals.

5: Are these remedies region-specific?

No, these remedies are not region-specific and can be performed by individuals from any part of the world. They are rooted in Hindu traditions but can be adapted by anyone interested in their spiritual significance.

6: Do I need to visit a temple to perform these remedies?

 While visiting a temple is recommended for some of these remedies, it's not mandatory for all. You can perform many of them in the comfort of your home. However, visiting a temple can enhance the spiritual experience.

7: Is there a specific time to perform these remedies?

 Yes, many of these remedies are ideally performed on Krishna Janmashtami, which is usually celebrated at midnight when Lord Krishna was born. However, some remedies can be continued on specific days or regularly.

8: Are these remedies based on religious beliefs?

Yes, these remedies are rooted in Hindu religious beliefs and traditions. They are performed as acts of devotion and are believed to bring spiritual and material benefits.

9: Is there any scientific evidence to support the efficacy of these remedies?

These remedies are based on faith and spirituality rather than scientific evidence. They are traditional practices that have been followed for generations by people who believe in their power.


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